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  • I'm Sofia Morello, and I have vitiligo

    That means patches of my skin are whiter or lighter than my normal skin colour. With me, it started with a small pale spot when I was four, but gradually other lighter patches appeared.

    My parents were pretty upset and took me to see different medical people, but that only made me confused. I was too young to realise what was happening. All I know is that my patches had a name. Vitiligo.


    By the time I was about six, my patches had spread and were visible. That's when the kids at my school started bullying me. They called me names and told me not to touch them. They thought they could catch it, because they didn't know any better.


    My parents were always there for me, and as we talked about my vitiligo, we decided to create a safe space for young people dealing with vitiligo. In this space, they could connect with others, share their experiences and support each other.


    And so this website was born. To share my story. To bring people together. To create a community and grow awareness. To educate. To see PERFECTION, not imperfection.


    Sofia's vitiligo is a gift

    I'm Sofia's dad, and I now see Sofia's vitiligo as a gift that is changing lives. Changing attitudes. Sofia shows that while you may have an issue that affects your appearance, it's part of who you are. So you just get on and give life your all.

    But the best thing is that she is determined to help others do the same. And she's become a role model for kids who have issues that affect their appearance.


    Ignorance breeds fear

    When the kids at Sofia's school taunted her and called her hurtful names, she was upset. But now she sees that it was only their ignorance of vitiligo that caused them to act like that. They didn't know any better. They were scared of her. And they just wanted to protect themselves against some perceived danger.


    Education brings awareness

    But when those kids are educated, they understand. It's the same with people who look at Sofia with shock or pity. They only see her appearance, and not the perfection that is Sofia. And that's the same for any child with issues that affect their appearance.


    They are still the same child. But when people are educated, they become aware. They learn to see the person, not the issue. They learn to see perfection.

    And that was the inspiration behind our logo, PERFECTION by Sofia.