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  • Sofia's vitiligo has inspired the creation of a comfort zone for others who share this and other conditions that affect their appearance

    Most people with vitiligo are perfectly healthy, and live normal lives. But because it affects their appearance, they can easily feel self-conscious and isolated. We thought about others who have vitiligo and who may need help and support.

    That's why we created a supportive haven in this website for kids affected by vitiligo. A place where they can share their experiences. And where they can support each other. Sofia has been a catalyst for change.

    Beyond vitiligo

    But it didn't take long for us to realise that many young people have other issues that affect their appearance than vitiligo. Like Scars. Burns. Alopecia. Rosacea. And they need support when they feel stressed, sad or helpless.

    We decided to focus on creating awareness through education. To create brand awareness. To grow a community of inspired people and organisations that can make a difference. Who can be a point of contact for a young person in need. And who may be in a position to assist with medical bills, if their family is doing it tough.
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    Support is an integral part of our work. We've developed a support hub that brings together those who may need support with those who can offer it. We connect supporters with those in need—directly or annonymously.
    Support could be as simple as listening to a young person's story. Perhaps being able to offer helpful advice. Sometimes being able to just talk with someone who understands can make a big difference.
    It could be a company or an individual that wants to assist with a bill for a medical appointment, for treatments, or an appointment with a psychologist or other clinical professional.


    Support partners

    Our growing numbers of support partners actively contribute by spreading awareness through co-branded t-shirts, events and promotions.


    Social media

    Social media platforms can reach thousands, and are a great way to bring young people together who need support and a safe place to share their experiences. We've set up sites on Facebook and Instagram already for you. So get connected, and stay up to date with all the exciting news and events that we're sharing with you.



    The more people know about vitiligo, the more they will understand that it doesn't define anyone who has it. It's an integral part of their perfection. Raising awareness is part of the process of education. Positive messaging repeated eventually stays in people's minds and brings about a change of attitude.
    Visiting schools and talking to school kids is a great way to get our message across. Videos for schools can grow the perfection message Australia-wide, and even reach out to an international audience.
    There are so many ways we can educate people. Maybe an organisation can raise community awareness. A media person can contact publications that can raise our profile. A school principal who sees the power of positive role models like Sofia who can bring about a powerful change of attitude, so others can see the perfection in their peers.
    And it could be you or me, who raise awareness from day to day. Who challenge negative comments head on. Who stand for perfection.


    Watch this space

    This website is constantly evolving as new events are planned, and information grows. So check in often to make sure you're always up to date.