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  • Welcome to our support hub! Whether you need support or want to offer it, discover how our community works. We're a diverse group, uniting supporters and those in need. Our purpose is to connect individuals requiring support with those willing to offer it, creating a positive impact within our community.

    Currently, we're building software that allows medical networks to upload bills, allowing supporters to directly pay them. This ensures that 100% of the funds go directly to the cause or person in need. It's important to clarify that we are not a charity and don't rely on government grants or ask for donations.

    Instead, we operate as a portal, connecting people who want to make a positive impact by supporting those in need.

    Your support is crucial as we bridge the gap between those who can help and those who need help. Whether you're seeking assistance or looking to contribute, thank you for being part of our mission.

    What is a Supporter?

    Would you like to support someone in need? Do you want to make a difference to someone's life? Our supporters offer help to a person in need and we connect them directly or anonymously.

    It could be a matter of having a chat with someone, listening to their experiences and perhaps giving some words of advice. Having a shoulder to lean on can be life-changing for a person who's having a difficult time.
    Or perhaps you can help with a bill for a medical appointment, for a treatment, or a session with a psychologist. It could even be helping with living expenses, just to give someone a break.


    Note that we need consent from both people matched up before any support can commence.

    Start your support journey

    Email us at: [email protected]

    Subject: Supporter

    What is someone who Needs support?

    The stresses of life, work, and family can already cause pressure. But when you have a child with a condition that affects their appearance it can put a massive strain on your family and take a huge emotional toll on you. Add to that the cost of treatments that have no guarantee, and the time taken for constant appointments and you have a situation that almost reaches breaking point—every day.

    Our approach to support

    We offer a unique approach to support. We connect people like you who need support with our team of supporters. This fosters genuine connections within our community.

    Your privacy is paramount

    We guarantee your privacy at all times. You can remain anonymous when you contact us by phone or by email about your situation. We connect you with one of our supporters, and facilitate support in its various forms—whether it's to cover a medical bill or simply to talk to someone who knows what you're going through.

    We all need support sometimes

    Remember, we all need support sometimes, so it's OK to reach out. You're not alone in this. We're here to create a space where understanding and assistance thrive.
    Contact us

    Email us at: [email protected]

    Subject: Need Support

  • Support Partner Program Overview:

    Joining as a support partner means actively contributing to PERFECTION by Sofia's growth and mission. Receive a co-branded t-shirt as a visual acknowledgment of your support, along with exclusive benefits like event discounts and website promotion. Your involvement helps us expand our support network and raise awareness.


    Create Awareness and Support with Us:

    Express your interest in becoming a Support Partner to connect people in need with vital support. Fill out the Support Partner Enquiry Form to kickstart the process. Your commitment aids our goal of accessible support and positive impacts.


    Email us at: [email protected]

    Subject: Support Partner

    OR: Feel in the following enquiry form.


    Thank you for being a crucial part of our mission.


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